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Centro de bronceado Marbella



Sunlounge is a pioneer in the indoor tanning at the Costa del Sol. We provide only the best of the latest technology at its highest quality. In our tanning salons we offer pre-paid packages which means a discounted price per minute. In addition, we offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor tanning products to leave our customers satisfied. In our tanning salons we also provide personalised tanning programs to help you achieve your desired tan – not to forget our very competitive prices!


Everybody and anybody can achieve their dream tan, and it’s up to us, here at Sunlounge, to help you achieve what you want, as safely and effectively as possible. Our goal at Sunlounge is, primarily, to satisfy our customers’ desires and to ensure their tanning experience is as enjoyable and safe as possible.


Our advantage here at Sunlounge is our extensive experience and knowledge of skin and tanning, and our all-important customer service policy – we ensure high quality service and products – no exceptions!


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