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Our tanning salons offer a wide range of indoor, top brand, tanning products. These products are available to help enhance your tan and give you the shade you desire. Our fast absorbing moisturisers mean your tanning process is improved by up to 30%.

Australian Gold


For over 25 years, Australian Gold® brand has continually produced lotions with superior bronzing power, advanced skincare and unbeatable results. Our Accelerator™ lotion continues to be the number one seller in the industry. New technologies such as DermaDark® blend keep us in the forefront of the industry as the most recognized brand in indoor tanning .Australian Gold Brand is the largest most recognised and most purchased brand of indoor tanning lotions. Accelerator lotion has been the number 1 selling product for over 20 years. Australian Gold brand offer products to fit every tanners needs lifestyle price point and personal predilection.

Supre Tan

Devoted Creations



Devoted Creations is dedicated to manufacturing and providing tanning salons with quality indoor tanning lotions, skin care products, tanning supplies, and accessories for the sole purpose of achieving healthy vibrant tans while rejuvenating and keeping your skin looking younger than ever. Devoted Creations has unleashed several high-end award winning indoor tanning lotions that meet your tanning needs precisely. Choose your favorite scent and darkness level from various luxurious tanning lotion lines.

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Supre Tan


For over 26 years Supre Tan has been passionately involved in the Professional Indoor Tanning Industry by offering the highest quality and best performing tanning products available with the utmost importance stressed on exceptional skin care. We manufacture our own products in a state of the art facility utilizing revolutionary performance technology and the finest ingredients available. Our in-house, award winning creative team has developed hundreds of the top selling products that have been benchmarks in our industry and the powerful marketing tools to support these trend setting brands.

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