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Centro de bronceado Marbella

How should you tan responsibly?

The most important thing is to not exaggerate. It is not advised to hurry to the bed. Doing it too long means running the risk of sunburn. If you use Solarium there is less risk in this regard.

To responsibly fulfill your tanning session please follow the instructions detailed below:


Before starting your tanning session

Users must strictly observe certain number of rules:

1. Know your skin type and respect the tanning time recommended for that type of skin

2. Remove any cosmetic skin products from your skin

3. Do not use the sun beds while wearing jewelry

4.Do not use sun block protection while tanning

5. Do not use the sun beds if you are taking drugs and substances that increase the sensitivity of skin to UV rays, which may produce undesirable hypersensitivity reactions. These drugs and substances thatare detailed below should be avoided to the filing for natural and artificial exposure. If in doubt consult your doctor.


External photosensitizes:

Perfumes Colonies Ointments Bergamot Hair Lotions Tonics


Photosensitizes by general :

Antibiotics, Sulfonamides, Diuretics Tetracyclines Psoralens Laxatives Antifungal, Antihistamines, Anxiolytics, Vascular Stents, Antiinflammatory Antidepressants, Antiseptic, Artificial sweeteners, Antituberculosis Antidiabetic, Antitumor, Chemotherapy

Note: Please read if the instruction for the use of the drug appears as a contraindication to photosensitization.

6. Use our sun goggles to protect the eye from harmful rays.


During tanning:

1. Do not remove your sun goggles (you can find them free of charge in our tanning salons)

2. If the skin becomes red unexpectedly while tanning, the probably heat rash has occurred. Cool the body, reduce the time and avoid sweating radiation.


After Tanning:

1. At the end of the tanning session it is recommended to treat the skin with a moisturizer 

2. If after tanning the skin becomes red and tight, you must delay the next session for at least 48 hours.

3. Do not expose you skin to natural sun light immediately after using the sun beds.


In our tanning salons : exposure to artificial ultraviolet are prohibited to minors under eighteen years old and not suitable for pregnant women!

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